SSC Staff

Name: Rob Hunt

Hometown: Salem, OR

Job Title: Outdoor Associate, striving to help everyone find their adventure

Favorite Outdoor Activities: rock climbing with friends and camping

Your Outdoor Playgrounds: The Garden outside Sweethome, OR & Ozone outside of Camas, WA

Essential Gear: sport rack, tent & sleeping bag

Favorite Song: anything by The Black Keys

Favorite Food: Pizza

Favorite Place to Eat: Straight From New York

Why I love working at Salem Summit: I love working and interacting with people who love & appreciate the same things as me.

Name: Derek Ettel

Hometown: Salem, OR

Favorite Outdoor Activities: I enjoy snowboarding the most and everything else is second.

Your Outdoor Playgrounds: My main playground is Mt. Hood.

Essential Gear: A comfortable hat

Favorite Song: Spice Girl- Amine

Favorite Food: Burgers

Favorite Place to Eat: Killer Burger

Pre Snowboarding Ritual: Snowdance

Post Snowboarding Ritual: Thanking the mountains

Why I love working at Salem Summit: I love working at Salem Summit because I can meet new people in my community doing awesome things.

Name: Tori Mullins

Hometown: Avon-by-the-Sea, NJ

Job Title: Steward to the Outdoors

Favorite Outdoor Activities: Finding cold water to swim in, romping around on public lands, disc golf.

Your Outdoor Playgrounds: The nearest national forest, state, or national park, any & all bodies of water.

Essential Gear: Chacos, NWF Field Guide to Trees of North America, BD Spot Headlamp, my wife & our pup!

Favorite Song: Fool in the Rain-Led Zeppelin

Favorite Place to Eat: Currently, the Detroit Market is my place to grab a breakfast burrito on my way to the mountain.

Pre Hiking/Backpacking Ritual: Laying out gear & visualizing each day.

Why I Love Working at Salem Summit: I really love seeing the excitement on people’s faces when they tell me about upcoming trips. It’s inspiring.

Name: Katie Ridder

Hometown: Carlton, OR

Job Title: Steward to the outdoors and your next adventure

Favorite Outdoor Activities: snowboarding, XC skiing, mountain biking, rock climbing, paddle boarding, you name it, I love it!

Your Outdoor Playgrounds: Anthony Lakes outside Haines, Oregon has my heart!

Essential Gear: A “Ridder Original” knitted hat – my mother-in-law is a wizard with knitting needles

Favorite Song: Stable Song – Gregory Alan Isakov

Favorite Food: sandwiches of all kinds

Favorite Place to Eat: everything tastes better in the mountains

Pre Activity Ritual: stretches and journaling

Post Backpacking Ritual: a good beer, better friends and my Golden Retriever, Peach

Why I Love Working at Salem Summit: I love being a part of an incredible community

Name: Conor Foley
staff writer square

Hometown: Somers, MT

Job Title: Adventure Consultant
Favorite Outdoor Activities: rock climbing, slacklining, backpacking, hamping (hammock camping)
Outdoor Playgrounds: Glacier National Park, Smith Rock, The Western United States, my backyard.
Essential Gear: Z/2 Chacos, prAna Stretch Zion Pant, Clif Bars, underwear
Favorite Song: “I can’t make you love me” – Bonnie Raitt
Pre Hiking Ritual: Studying Maps
Post Hiking Ritual: Car naps, cheeseburgers and a chocolate milkshake
Why I Love Working at Salem Summit: I love helping customers find the right gear for them and talking about their upcoming trips!

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