SSC Staff

Name: Bella Molyneux

Hometown: Salem, OR

Job Title: Sign-maker?

Favorite Outdoor Activities: Hiking, Backpacking, Snowboarding, & Sunset watching.

Your Outdoor Playgrounds: The Central Cascades from Hood to Diamond Peak and the Lake Tahoe area.

Essential Gear: Chaco sandals, darn tough socks, and a puffy jacket.

Favorite Song: Walk on by U2

Favorite Food: Any food that is free or made with love!

Favorite Place to Eat: Black Butte Bistro after a long hike.

Why I love working at Salem Summit:  I love working here because of the staff, amazing customers, and endless amount of folk music played by our lovely boss, Al.

Secret Talent: Walking very fast.

Name:  Rick Gaupo

Hometown: Portland (But Salem for the last 32 years)

Job Title:  I have no idea.  Sales associate?  Community ambassador?

Favorite Outdoor Activities: Hiking, stand up paddleboarding, and pickleball.

Your Outdoor Playgrounds: Olympic National Park.

Essential Gear: Neo Air Xtherm – a great sleeping pad by Thermarest.

Favorite Song: Too tough to choose, but today it’s Ex’s and Oh’s by Elle King.

Favorite Food: Again, too tough to choose, but I eat great salads almost every day.

Favorite Place to Eat: Taproot is the go-to restaurant for me.

Why I love working at Salem Summit: Community, gear, vibe, coworkers – I love it.

Secret Talent: Handstand Pushups.

Name: Tori Mullins

Hometown: Avon-by-the-Sea, NJ

Job Title: Steward to the Outdoors

Favorite Outdoor Activities: Finding cold water to swim in, meandering, backpacking, snowboarding!

Your Outdoor Playgrounds: Bull of the Woods is a cherished favorite, I adore anything on Santiam Pass, any and all of the coast, and the desert!

Essential Gear: The Chacos that are practically glued to my feet, my trusty orange hat, and my camera.  

Favorite Song: Thinking of You by Lord Echo

Favorite Food: I would be lying if I said it was anything other than a fancied up turkey sandwich on a toasted bagel. A post-outing strawberry milkshake from Poppa Al’s is hard to beat though.

Favorite Place to Eat: On top of a mountain somewhere, enjoying a nice view.

Why I Love Working at Salem Summit:  I love the relationships that I have built here over time with so many incredible co-workers, customers, and neighbors. It’s a joy to spend some of my days in a place that I love so much, sharing stories, insights, and knowledge. I also enjoy helping others find the confidence to explore outside in an otherwise sometimes intimidating industry.

Secret Talent:  Accidentally summoning customers into the shop. Not infrequently, I will mention someone and then the very next day there they are! I also excel at picking the right sized tupperware containers for the job.

Name: Tania Zavala

Hometown: Salem, OR

Job Title: Part time Explorer 😏

Favorite Outdoor Activities: Chasing Waterfalls.

Your Outdoor Playgrounds: Silverfalls.

Essential Gear: First Aid Kit!

Favorite Song: “Man in the mirror”-MJ

Favorite Food: Vegetarian 💛

Favorite Place to Eat: Taproot Lounge & Cafe

Why I Love Working at Salem Summit: I learn so much about amazing outdoor gear and I also get to spend time with people that love and respect the great outdoors. 💛

Secret Talent: I’m a great salsa dancer.

Name: Sarah Connor

Hometown: Sacramento, CA

Job Title: Retail associate, occasional sign drawer

Favorite Outdoor Activities: Hiking, backpacking, climbing trees, finding water to jump in.

Your Outdoor Playgrounds: The Gorge, Oregon Coast, and Mt. Rainier are my favorite PNW spots.

Essential Gear: Hammock and backpacking pillow.

Favorite Song: Hapi – Spillage Village & Earthgang

Favorite Food: Anything with chocolate and peanut butter.

Favorite Place to Eat: The Yard.

Why I Love Working at Salem Summit: Meeting and working with cool people, and constantly learning how to level up adventures.

Secret Talent: Mediocre juggling.

Name: Conor Foley
staff writer square

Hometown: Somers, MT

Job Title: I only work here one day a year Adventure Consultant

Favorite Outdoor Activities: rock climbing, slacklining, backpacking, hamping (hammock camping).

Outdoor Playgrounds: Glacier National Park, Smith Rock, The Western United States, my backyard.

Essential Gear: Z/2 Chacos, prAna Stretch Zion Pant, Clif Bars, underwear.

Favorite Song: “I can’t make you love me” – Bonnie Raitt

Pre Hiking Ritual: Studying Maps.

Post Hiking Ritual: Car naps, cheeseburgers and a chocolate milkshake.

Why I Love Working at Salem Summit: I love helping customers find the right gear for them and talking about their upcoming trips!

Name:  Al  Tandy

Hometown: Tulsa, Ok

Job Title: Still trying to figure that out.  Quabity Assuuance? no that’s not it, but I’m getting close.

Favorite Outdoor Activities: Trail Running, Camping, Beer Drinking

Your Outdoor Playgrounds: Yes.

Essential Gear: The warmest jacket I can pack and a well stocked camp kitchen.

Favorite Song: [Insert synthesizer heavy jam]

Favorite Food: Pizza, yes, I’m a child.

Favorite Place to Eat: Epilogue Kitchen and Cocktails, followed closely by Xicha Brewing.

Why I love working at Salem Summit:  Everyday I get to work with awesome people, share stories and conversation with customers new and old, and help people plan and prepare for everyday and grand adventures, it’s hard to beat that.

Secret Talent:  Misplacing an item I was holding three seconds ago, while seated at my desk, while still sitting at my desk.

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