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Welcome to the Salem Summit Co. Blog: The Summiteers! One of our goals at the shop is to spend as much time as we can enjoying the outdoors and encouraging others to find their own adventures. However, the reality for many of us is that there are times when we aren’t able to be outside; here enters the purpose of this blog. If you can’t get outside we want you to at least be excited about the next time you’ll get to go on an adventure! This site will be full of stories of exploration, helpful how-to’s and amazing pictures from the beautiful Pacific Northwest wonderland and beyond!

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GORP Gallery

Define GORP: Trail mix for periodic nibbling to keep high energy level between meals on long climbs or hikes…or Good Old Raisins and Peanuts. 
Hopefully these images can sustain your imagination between big adventures!


Meet the Writers

JHbiopiuc1Jennifer Halley

I’m a coffee-lover, book-obsessed, climber-addict and nature snob. If I could live in the woods I would. Luckily, climbing and hiking are things I do consistently to get me as close to that as possible. My passion for climbing was established in an instruction to rock climbing PE class at Western Oregon University, where I was attending as an English major; taking the class was a way to knock out a few school credits, but I came out of it obsessed. Never had I participated in a sport that made me feel as powerful and strong and alive as climbing does. It soon became a part of my daily life and now I try and climb 3-5 days a week. When I’m not climbing, I’m cycling, hiking, drinking too much coffee, and writing for Salem Summit about the cool adventures I get to go on.




staff writer square

Conor Foley

My name is Conor and I am currently in the dream building phase of my lifetime adventure. I grew up in the Flathead Valley in Northwest Montana. My home was perched on the north shore of Flathead Lake, that inland body of water so large as to be mistaken for the sea, especially on the often present cloudy days of winter when our cozy valley would be visited by rolling waves of weather leaving behind great white blankets for us to play with. Surrounded by mountains, rivers, lakes and good people I quickly learned a love of being outside and my daydreams began to search out the nearby peaks of Glacier National Park and the rolling trails of the Bob Marshall Wilderness. Later in my life I undertook a journey to Oregon, where my dreams expanded to the previously unseen heights of the Cascade volcanoes, the endless horizons of the Oregon coast and the intricate green tapestries of the Northwest Forests. I now have the good fortune to work at the Salem Summit Company, where I get to pass little pieces of my dreams on to our customers as their minds are filled with sparks for future adventures in our big backyard. I continue to dream of what lies over the next hill, and more and more my dreams become reality and I am happy.


staff writer_kelly

Kelly Bauer

Originating from the flat lands of Chicagoland, Kelly went to school in the cornfields of Illinois. She studied psychology with the goal of one day working with teens. In her last semester she went on a 120 day expedition with the recreation department. During those four months, she discovered her love of the wilderness. After graduating, she packed up her van and moved to the Southwest to work as a wilderness therapy guide for at risk youth using the power of the wilderness and primitive living skills. In Utah she also discovered canyoneering, climbing and the dirt-bagging lifestyle. In 2015, she moved to Salem, Oregon and started working at Salem Summit Co. and teaching yoga. She’s loving the beauty of the PNW and is excited to continue exploring her new surroundings.







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