written by Conor Foley

Doors were slammed, still creaky in the pre-dawn cold. Feet shuffled about the parking lot; hands surveyed pockets reviewing supplies. Mittens? Check. Film? Check. Snacks, water, extra layers… The menial tasks your mind busies itself with seem critical in the moments before the beginning, but they are themselves just flotsam riding the waves of excitement and anxiety.

Once your feet hit the ground, though, and the yellow light of the streetlamps fades to black behind you, those emotions are replaced with the raw state of awareness that we find in nature.
As amazing as these experiences are, sometimes the biggest challenge is getting off the couch and stepping out the door. Here lies the home for this blog. We aspire to inspire!

Sometimes the hole we need to climb out of is a busy work week, an untimely injury or perhaps it’s just been awhile since the last adventure. Whatever the reason, our plan for this blog is to provide fuel for your thought engine and hopefully get you amped up for your next adventure! We will be showcasing reviews of products new and old, photo collections from our latest adventures, feature stories from our local outdoor community, and perhaps even a guest entry from you!

intro articleSnap back to that cold morning. The rummaging hands were mine, the busy feet belonged to my adventurous friends and we were preparing to hike up the snowy slopes of Big Mountain in Whitefish, Montana in hopes of catching the sunrise from the summit and enjoying some well earned turns on our way back down before the lifts
opened. Although the sun beat us before we reached the summit, I was well positioned to snap the shot you see on the right. This image continues to be a destination for my wandering mind and one of many sources of inspiration with the power to draw me back to the wild places. We hope this blog will do the same for you.